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ICN Master Class: International courses for Conservators and Curators in 2006
27, 28, 29 September 2006
Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
Course given in English

Preservation and access of analogue audio-visual materials (film and video)

The aim of this workshop is to provide conservators, curators and collection managers with an overview of the main issues regarding the preservation and access of analogue audio-visual materials (film and video). Despite certain similarities with photographic artefacts, motion picture films and video tapes require a specific approach that takes into account their physical and intellectual particularities. At a time where digital media act as a incentive to give "a new life to old footage", it is very important to understand the nature of the original material in order to give it proper protection.

The workshop will provide an overview of the following issues: why preserve film and video and where are they preserved; identification of film and video carriers; understanding film and video materials and their decay; care, handling, storage and passive preservation; inventory and cataloguing; active preservation; access and curatorial issues; legal context. A visit to a film preservation laboratory will also take place. The workshop is intended for institutions whose primary collection is not audio-visual but who have analogue audio-visual materials in their care (museums, public or corporate archives, libraries, historical societies, etc.). Participants are encouraged to provide a description of their audio-visual holdings (if any) to help provide the workshop with directly relevant case studies.

Target group
Conservators, curators and collection managers with an interest in conservation

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